19th Dec Xmas party night Oh, come all ye tuneful, joyful & triumphant, make your way to the P&G  & join us for the club’s Xmas party.

Don your favourite Xmas hat, tune up your instrument & come along with your best Xmas songs to thrill the mighty throng. Anything goes Ancient & modern or if you prefer something non Xmassy that goes too. See you there

16th Jan Singers & Musicians night

On this day in 1793 King Louis 16th of France lost his head in the French revolution but you won’t find any of our fine singers & musicians losing theirs whilst performing some great music. Why not join us &have a great night unlike King Louis  All welcome.

20th Feb Guest Artist Bill Adair Born into a musical family on the outskirts of Glasgow, Bill is an award winning Poet & folk singer. His career includes a successful spell working for Strathclyde police so his arresting performances encompasses both Folk & Blues influences. He is also a renowned performer of musical interpretations of the works of Robbie Burns.

Those members of the last Shyles of Pyte tour may remember him joining us at Stirling

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