21st Jun Guest Artists Karin Grandal-Park & Karl Robins

Karin a singer/songwriter with some 30 years experience in the Jazz/Blues field. After a Folk Festival in Dumfries & Galloway, she became enthralled with Folk Music and its diversity. Originally in a duo with Rosie Clegg they have now parted & she is currently partnered by Karl Robins. Karl has played in a variety of bands in the Acoustic Folk/ Folk Rock genre. A songwriter in his own write (sic), Karl likes to experiment with different rhythms and styles.

19th July Singers & Musicians night

On this day in 1913 was published the first ever “hit parade” of the ten best popular songs, but if you want to hear some of the most popular Folk & acoustic songs around, just head on down to the P&G to join all our local musicians & singers. As always visiting Singers, Musicians & listeners always welcome.  

16th Aug Singers & Musicians night & “session”

After the favourable comments about our “session” in January , we are going to repeat the experience. Why not join us with your instruments & voices at the ready.

20th Sept Guest Artist Pete Coe

The club is delighted to welcome Pete a musician & singer with an illustrious career in folk music in groups like Muckram Wakes, the New Victory Band & helped form Bandoggs with Nic Jones and Tony Rose His songs have been recorded by other artists, including June Tabor, the Chieftains and Leon Rosselson, and some have almost become folk ‘standards”. Get there early or you’ll miss out on a great night.

18th Oct Singers & Musicians night

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