15th November Guest Artist Sunjay

We are delighted to welcome back to the the club the fabulous Sunjay

Sunjay’s style has that natural drift between folk and blues and both camps have recognised his obvious flair. There have been a clutch of award nominations, including winning the Wath Festival Young Performers Award. He also made the final selection for the BBC’s Young Folk Award in 2012, had three nominations at the Exposure Music Awards 2014 and was also recognised by the 2014 British Blues Awards.

20th December Xmas party night

Party hats & best Xmas songs at the ready for our raucous pre Yuletide fripperous get together.

Sat 30th December Xmas concert night

In what is rapidly turning into another Xmas tradition we are again running our concert night. This year our lead act is the Rachel Hamer band a fabulous product of the Newcastle Folk degree course, support will be by Broadband + TBC. Tickets on sale shortly

17th Jan Singers & Musicians night

On this day in 1773 local boy made good Captain James Cook became the first recorded mariner to cross the Antarctic circle.But there’ll be no frosty reception if you decide to join us as & all our talented locals get together for a night of fine folk & Acoustic music

21st Feb Singers & Musicians night

In 1953 Watson & Crick finally figured out the structure of DNA & won a noble prize for their efforts.

Music is the main component of our locals DNA, join us to experience the meaning behind their lives.

21st Mar Guest Artists Pipe Dream

Details to follow

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