17th Jan Singers & Musicians night

On this day in 1773 local boy made good Captain James Cook became the first recorded mariner to cross the Antarctic circle.But there’ll be no frosty reception if you decide to join us as & all our talented locals get together for a night of fine folk & Acoustic music

21st Feb Singers & Musicians night

In 1953 Watson & Crick finally figured out the structure of DNA & won a noble prize for their efforts.

Music is the main component of our locals DNA, join us to experience the meaning behind their lives.

21st Mar Guest Artists Pipe Dream Hailing from Sunderland Pipe Dream are Patricia Haswell (lead vocals), husband John Haswell (Guitar, Mandolin, Bass)  & friend Peter Arkle (Lead Guitar & support vocals). Patricia's superb vocals are ably supported by the fine musicianship from husband John & friend Peter. Strongly influenced by Irish traditional music they list among their influences Joan Baez, Christy Moore, Lindisfarne, AC/DC, Led Zepplin & the Beatles so a varied night is virtually guaranteed.


18th Apr Guest Artist Bernard Hoskins is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Cambridge whose distinctive and original sound is based upon English songwriting and world music rhythms as well as the more common folk, country and blues styles. He accompanies himself on 6 and 12 string guitars and mandolin playing a mixture of original and traditional songs and covers.

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